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Balloon printing, balloon branding and balloon printing - commonly used terms and all mean one thing: Reproduction of an image, text or company logo on balloons.

We at Crazy Balloon Printing House have nearly 30 years of experience in printing balloons with your corporate logo, slogan or logo promoting service, opening a new site, birthday, anniversary and magical moment in the first steps of your child.

The experience and constant striving for the development of the technology for printing on balloons do not allow to print one-color, two-color full-color logos and images of exceptional quality.

CMYK printing uses halftones in the colors: C-Cyan, M-Magenta, Y-Yellow and K-Cobalt, and they are superimposed on each other to see other colors. For example, if we use the halftones of purple, we can get pink, if this layer is above the layer of halftones of yellow, we can create red. Many other colors can be used using this process, which is why CMYK is often referred to as the "Full Color Process".


The printing technology we have created can be printed using a variety of images via CMYK or 8-color bubble printing. Even images with extremely fine and precise fitting details. High-precision balloon printing is a slower technology than standard printing technology. Using this technology, we can print CMYK image reproduction identical to the original. Balloon printing with this technology does not allow the use of photorealistic images on the balloon.

For best results when printing on balloons, I need files in the following formats:
.cdr (Corel Draw) up to version 13 Xa .ai (Adobe Illustrator - low entry)